What’s Yeast Infection and What’s the Treatment?

We’ve probably all heard the term “yeast infection” and many of us have probably suffered from the burning and itching that are indicative symptoms of this condition.

Q: What exactly is a yeast infection?

The truth is that a yeast infection can occur in almost any area of the body, and happens when the microscopic yeast called Candida enters the body and causes an infection. The most common place for this to occur is in the vaginal area, which is the type of yeast infection that you hear about most often.

However, other places for Candida Yeast to thrive include the mouth, the diaper area for infants and the skin when there is a cut or sore that allows the yeast to enter the body. It can also take place in the areas of the body that are characteristically moist, like the armpits, or under your nails as a nail bed infection. Most of these types of infections are easy to treat and rarely dangerous.

But there are some types of yeast infections that can invade the entire body, and these infections can become very dangerous, and even life-threatening, rather quickly.

Q: What are the Yeast Infection Symptoms?

A: The classic vaginal yeast infection symptoms will include burning, itching, and a discharge with a foul-smelling odor. Many of these types of infections can be treated effectively using over the counter medications or natural home remedies.

An oral yeast infection, also known as thrush, will appear as white patches in the mouth that may look like milk curds but will not wipe away easily.

A common diaper rash can also become a yeast infection, and the telltale signs include a rash that does not clear up easily with ointment and exposure to the air. If you are concerned about what a yeast infection symptoms look like, you should contact your doctor for further information and potential treatment options.

Q: What is a Yeast Infection Treatment?

Treatments of these types of infections will vary depending on where the infection is and how advanced it might be. Most yeast infections will clear fairly easily with over the counter medications and a selection of natural home remedies. However, it is always best to talk to your doctor if you think that you might have a yeast infection, to ensure that you use the safest and most effective treatment option for you.

For frequent occurrences of yeast infections, there are preventative steps that you can take that include dietary changes, keeping the vulnerable area clean and dry, and taking an acidophilus supplement or eating a serving of yogurt every day. If you are wondering what a yeast infection looks like, talk to your doctor about a diagnosis and potential treatment plan.

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