How To Treat Infant Yeast Infection?

Q: Can infants also get yeast infection?

A; Yes, any baby can get an infant yeast infection which commonly occurs in the moist diaper area. An infant yeast infection will typically start out like a diaper rash, but it won’t go away and it won’t heal like a diaper rash. Babies can also get a condition known as thrush which is a yeast infection of the mouth. With this condition the cheeks, gums and tongue will develop white patches. You should take a baby to the doctor to have an infant yeast infection properly diagnosed especially if you haven’t dealt with an infection of this kind before.

A baby with an infant yeast infection will be a baby in distress which can be difficult for parents to deal with. Delivery can spread an infant yeast infection such as a mother with a yeast infection or during breastfeeding if the mother also has a yeast infection.

Although an oral yeast infection can develop in a baby even when there is no yeast infection present.

An infant yeast infection can be experienced by both sexes. You will often think it is a diaper rash, but it won’t go away after the typical one or two day period of diaper rash. Bacteria grows in warm, moist areas on both babies and adults. This is why women have extra concern in their vaginal areas although if a baby isn’t attended to then the perfect environment for the bacteria can develop.

Also a baby on antibiotics is more susceptible since the medication will kill the healthy bacteria that help to keep down an infant yeast infection.

An infant yeast infection can easily involve both the mouth and the diaper area since it typically spreads through a babies digestive tract. Take a good look at your babies diaper rash and try to determine if there are a lot of pus-filled bumps or if they are forming a pattern. Often typical treatments for diaper rash won’t work and it won’t disappear on its own after awhile.

Q: When Should You Go To The Doctor?

A: If you are a first time parent you will likely be very concerned and you will probably want to take the baby to the doctor right away to look at the rash. If the same child has a recurrent problem of yeast infections then perhaps your doctor can help with some suggestions on how you can prevent an infant yeast infection. For babies on antibiotics the condition may be around for the course of the medical treatment. Although the best treatment a parent can do is to keep the diaper area as dry as possible and don’t fasten diapers too fast, be sure to leave some area for air circulation.

Q: Any OTC Medications? 

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