How to Solve Recurring Yeast Infection?

Dealing with recurring yeast infection is a common problem for many women.  Given the large number of women that get yeast infections on a yearly basis, that over the counter products have been developed.

So what do you do for Recurring Yeast Infection? For some women, it is a matter of discovering what is the probable cause of the recurring yeast infection, and then bringing about a change to avoid that situation.  It is believed that tight clothing can cause moisture retention, where yeast feed grow.  It must be understood that everyone has a specific balance of yeast in their bodies to start with.  A yeast infection occurs when the yeast begin to grow out of control.  Tight clothing, or under garments that don not allow moisture to be evaporated, can cause a yeast infection.  Panty hose, in particular, is a common cause in many women with recurring yeast infection problems.

Additional issues for women with recurring yeast infection problems are women who are having hormonal changes.  This can be due to pregnancy or even menopause.  A change in hormones causes the balance to change within a woman’s body.  These new balances, throw the yeast into overdrive, causing the women to experience recurring yeast infections.

Women, who are taking any kind of medication, can discover that they will be victims of a recurring yeast infection.  Like we have said on other posts on this site, medications can change a woman’s chemical balance, and the yeast will become a problem.  For women taking medications for long term medical conditions, this can present a challenge in keeping the yeast infections at bay.

For some of these more chronic medical conditions, a discussion with a physician may be recommended.  Long term illnesses that need medication can cause a woman to be in a cycle of recurring yeast infections, and this condition should be discussed to discover ways to treat the woman.

There is no doubt that a recurring yeast infection can affect a woman’s normal life. So it is important to start a treatment that can stop the cycle of yeast growth and infection.  If over the counter medications do not seem to be working, there must be something in your body or lifestyle that is the cause – please consult a physician for a full evaluation.

A recurring yeast infection without any provocation should also be discussed with a physician.  Although there are many products that can be purchased at a variety of stores for yeast infections, some of these will not be able to treat all infections.  A recurring yeast infection may need specific medication to fully eliminate the bacterial growth.  Sometimes there are several different bacteria’s within the yeast infection, and these will need a specialized treatment to stop the out of control growth of the yeast

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