Female Libido Loss Causes and Treatment

Following are the 4 most common Female Libido Loss and related sexual problems that women have reported:

  • Loss of libido: This can be a marriage killer if not handled properly. Hormonal changes are the primary cause of a lack of sexual desire. Other factors include medical conditions and psychological problems such as low self-esteem. Very often, we have noted that some medication side-effects are the main cause loss of female libido. If you suffer from a low body image, counseling and support from your partner can help you.
  • Vaginal dryness: The most common cause for vaginal dryness is insufficient stimulation. You can also have dry vagina because of hormone imbalances or illnesses. Suitable medication can take care of these causes. A bad sexual experience or trauma can make intercourse painful. Psychological causes call for counseling. Physical causes can be treated with sufficient lubrication or trying positions that are more comfortable. Vaginal dryness can be treated by using artificial lubrication. There are a wide range of creams and gels for this purpose and some of them also enhance the stimulation in the vaginal skin, leading to more satisfaction.
  • Vaginismus: This is a medical condition in which the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening constrict painfully thereby preventing intercourse or making penetration painful. Primary causes are injuries, trauma and childbirth. It can also be caused by an infection or irritation from condoms. Fear is a common factor. You must refrain from sex after surgery and childbirth since the vagina is raw and sour.
  • Lack of orgasm: An absence of sexual climax can be caused by inhibition, inexperience, lack of knowledge, psychological factors such as anxiety and guilt, and medical problems such as diabetes, thyroid and obesity. This is not the same as the inability to be aroused, as many women have a happy married life even without reaching orgasms.

Stress as well as emotional, financial, relationship and medical problems all take a toll on you physically and mentally. These issues can also lead to sexual problems in women. These problems are common in urban women. And if they are ignored, you can harm your mental and physical state as well as your relationship. The right solutions can result in a huge improvement of your sexual life. Don’t wait for the situation to become worse.

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