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Worldclass Surgery in India with Wockhardt Hospital

Many uninsured people from North Americans and Europe are now choosing to go overseas for advanced surgery at a fraction of the cost in US. Wockhardt Hospital in Bangalore is one state of the art facility at which is now a preferred destination for American patients looking for advanced Cardiac, Orthopedic and Spinal Surgeries.

An associate hospital of Harvard Medical International (HMI), Boston, USA, this hospital is equipped with latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes.

While the patients undergo medical treatment, their companions who accompany them are able to appreciate the services offered at top Indian hospital from a different perspective.

In this video, some companions of American patients talk about their positive experience – of how it was initially a tough decision to come to India, which finally proved a very beneficial and fulfilling one For more details visit