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Diabetes Facts

Diabetes Facts:

  • Today diabetes affects more than 500 million people worldwide.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes cost an estimated $174 billion in 2007 in the US alone.
  • Developing countries will bear the brunt of Diabetes in the 21st century, with 80% of all new cases of diabetes expected to appear in the developing countries by the year 2025.

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Analysis of Diabetes Drug Actos

There are many drugs in the market for diabetes. This video shares the compares Actos with Avandia, and the analysis finds Actos to be better on reducing chances of death, heart attack, or stroke.

Type 1 Diabetes Information

If you’ve just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, don’t panic. Your doctor will give you all the information you need in order to test yourself and care for yourself. You can test yourself by using a blood glucose meter.

A blood glucose meter measures your blood sugar to ensure that it’s at a normal level. This is crucial because a blood sugar level that’s too high or too low could be very dangerous for the person with type 1 diabetes.

But by learning what to look out for if your levels get out of control, you’ll be better prepared to deal with any complications that result from your disorder.

About Type 1 Diabetes Information

Diabetes is a condition where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, which the body uses to convert sugar, or glucose, into energy for everyday activities.

Type 1 Diabetes is more frequently diagnosed in children because it has genetic factors. When someone is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it is often scary. However, even though the condition is serious, people who have type 1 diabetes can live long and productive lives. You can learn to live with it and you must know what to look for so that it does not lead to any Type 1 Diabetes complications. By testing yourself regularly and by learning all about diabetes, you will be better prepared to care of yourself and lead a wonderful life ahead!

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment: Medication Kit, Injections and Inhalers

Your doctor will generally prescribe insulin injections for you so that you can manually control your blood glucose levels. It’s important to listen to your doctor and to do just as instructed so that you don’t put yourself in danger.

If your blood glucose levels are too low, you can take a glucose shot or you can eat something with sugar in it. However, your doctor will be able to answer your questions more specifically as only he or she knows your specific condition.

The good news is that they have recently come out with insulin inhalers. These are alternatives to injections so that you don’t have to worry about jabbing yourself with a needle. Ask your doctor for more information on this new type 1 diabetes drug.

If you have type 1 diabetes, it’s important that you begin caring for yourself. If you’re overweight, you should try to lose weight. If you smoke, you should stop immediately, and you should also watch your alcohol intake. If you want to lead a long, normal life, you need to take certain precautions. Type 1 diabetes makes you more susceptible to other conditions and diseases, but by taking care of yourself and by listening closely to your doctor, you can successfully live with diabetes and you can lead a normal, healthy life just like anyone else.

Diabetes-Natural Cures and Remedies

As you may already know, there are two main types of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is usually first identified in children or young adults. The beta cells of the pancreas no longer make insulin because the immune system has attacked and destroyed them. Treatment includes taking insulin, making healthy food choices, being active and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. People can develop it at any age
. It usually begins with insulin resistance, where fat, muscle, and liver cells do not use insulin properly. At first, the pancreas keeps produces more insulin but over time loses the ability to give out enough insulin in response to meals. Being overweight and doing no exercise increases the chances of type 2. Treatment includes using medicines, making healthy food choices, being active and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

The positive news is that there are natural cures available/possible for diabetes
and these remedies can easily be added to a healthy diet to help control blood sugar levels. There are two main types of diabetics and a healthy diet as well as vitamin supplements can help diabetics who fall into both categories.

Until quite recently, it was advised that type 2 diabetes patients help their illness with only medication, but doctors now encourage them to look at natural remedies to help. Traditional medications are good but come with side effects, with risks of getting heart disease or strokes.

Natural remedies for diabetes can help the pancreas increase its own making of insulin, lowering the risks of side effects.

Several natural food items are available that can help diabetics control their blood sugar levels with a natural cure. Some examples include

  • Onions and garlic because research has revealed that onions and garlic can considerably reduce blood sugar levels for even longer periods of time than artificial insulin. Onions are advised to be eaten raw because cooking can make them loose their minerals.
  • Cayenne pepper can be used as a natural cure to arouse and perk up blood circulation, which is critical for diabetics. Using cod liver oil is also associated with a significantly lower risk of type 1 diabetes .
  • There are other nature substances that work as at helping diabetes such as the carrot juice, cabbage, coconut, and spinach.

These vitamins and natural foods can help be a natural cure and prevent the further development of diabetes as well as improving a person’s health.