You Can Get Pregnant While on the Pill

Q: Can You Get Pregnant While on the Pill?

Yes, you can get pregnant while on the pill. There are many women who have never missed and taken the pill diligently at the same time every day. So when you find out that you are pregnant, it can be a shock.

The fact is that pill can be only 98%-99% efective if taken correctly. So there is still always a chance.

Q: But what could be the reasons?

  • Antibiotics can make the pill less effective.
  • Pain medications can also neutralize the effect of the pill.
  • And there are a few woman with two (2) uterus, which can make it difficult for the pill to act.

And of course, if you miss the pill even for 1-2 days, its risky. One colleague got pregnant while on the pill, but she had missed two days and that could have been the reason.

So please remember that there is 1-2% chance of getting pregnant while on the pill.

If you just can’t afford to be pregnant for any reason, then you must to complement the pill with other birth control methods.

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