Sincere Request: Please Increase Greens & Fruits

Hello Folks,
Thanks for all your questions by email and the comments you have been posting on the specific articles. This weekend, I wanted to write a small post to sincerely request you to do one thing from this new year 2008:

Please Increase Greens & Fruits in your Diet.

There are numerous studies pointing out the benefits, so I won’t throw statistics at you. But please do understand that our environment is changing, and the ambient pollution levels in cities are higher than ever before. In addition, our daily/weekly consumption of processed foods is much higher today (try reading all those 0.01% additions they add to the cans and packaged foods).

Raw Greens and Fruits are the best bet to fight the negative effect on the body. Increase their intake by whatever amount you can – for yourself and for your family. (This advise applies to me as well!). Its the best natural insurance you can buy, and it won’t cost much.


Let me end this with a note I got from a friend:

“To make money we loose our health and then to restore our health we loose money. We live as if we are never going to die and we die as if we never lived.”

Wishing You Great Health!
Your Health Advisor

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