How to lose 9 lbs in 11 days?

Here is an innovative product that is getting popular for weight loss, and we wanted to share it with the readers of this site.

Did you know that your fat tissue REALLY can be burned away…….since it’s actually MEANT to be burned?

It’s true, and the only reason why fat tissue is being stored on your body is because your body’s fat burning hormones are not being released after each meal in the correct amounts.

The main reason which prevents people from losing weight is ENDLESS procrastination.

Most people tell themselves that they’ll begin dieting “next week” or “after some future holiday(or some other excuse) — and that let’s them procrastinate even further.

This new Diet System consists of two parts:

1. Online Diet Generator – you choose the foods you want to eat over the next couple of weeks, and the diet generator will produce a suitable menu for you. The important thing that this system emphasizes is the timing of a given food, and trying to match it with the body’s nutrition needs, so that you create minimal mis-match, and hence minimal extra fat production.

2. Downloadable Diet Handbook – with numerous useful dieting tips and tricks that you can read multiple times and practice to reduce extra weight rapidly.

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