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BRD7 Protein Can Supress Breast Cancer

Scientists at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, have identified the protein, BRD7, a discovery which may pave the way for potential new treatments to combat breast cancer that affects millions of women worldwide.

According to the scientists, the protein activates an anti-cancer gene, P53, which is already known to combat breast and other tumours.

In their research, the scientists, led by Professor Reuven Agami, found that the protein BRD7 activates P53 gene and could suppress the development of breast cancer, the Daily Express reported.

Without the protein, the gene cannot function to stop tumours spreading. The tumour suppressor P53 gene, which is present in all people, is implicated in up to half of all tumours.

Tamoxifen May Increase Breast Cancer Risk Involving ER-Negative Tumors

Tamoxifen – a drug commonly used for treating breast cancer – may actually increase the severity of the disease, according to
Dr Christopher Li at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre.

Their research compared breast-cancer patients who received the estrogen-blocking drug tamoxifen to those who did not, and found that while the drug Tamoxifen was associated with a 60 percent reduction in estrogen receptor-positive (ER positive) second breast cancer – the more common type, which is responsive to estrogen-blocking therapy) – it also appeared to increase the risk of ER negative second cancer by 440 percent.

“This is of concern, given the poorer prognosis of ER-negative tumors, which are also more difficult to treat,” said Dr Christopher Li.

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Breast Cancer Drug- Taxol study video

Taxol is a widely prescribed breast cancer drug, and this study shows some new facts about it – which should be of interest to every woman.

Potential Gene therapy for breast cancer treatment

Scientists have discovered two genes that identify which breast cancer cells respond to chemotherapy treatment and which do not.

The findings by researchers at Aberdeen University in the UK are expected to help develop more tailored treatments for sufferers of breast cancer. The research team looked for a specific genetic make-up in breast cancer cells that did not respond to the chemotherapy drug docetaxel.

Some more details are available here with The Telegraph.

Fighting Cancer with Vitamin-D

In this video, Dr. Larry Norton, a cancer specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, speaks with Harry Smith about a new study that claims Vitamin D may be a key factor in preventing cancer. Already, Vitamin A of carrots has been found to be strong in fighting cancer.