Bronchitis vs Sinus Infection

When you are sick, sometimes you can have a problem determining what exactly you have such as determining between a cold and bronchitis or even between bronchitis and pneumonia.

While Bronchitis and Sinus Infection may share a few symptoms, for the most part, these illnesses occur in different parts of the body and therefore can be quite distinctive.

Bronchitis or Sinus Infection – The Differences

With bronchitis, your airways, also known as bronchial tubes, which lead from the trachea to the lungs, become inflamed due to irritants and infection. Bronchitis typically produces a cough in which phlegm is expelled. If a virus is the cause then no drugs are available to fight the viruses off. Occasionally, bacterial infections can be blamed for causing bronchitis.

In determining bronchitis or sinus infection, a sinus infection occurs when the hollow cavities around your eyes and cheekbones called sinuses become inflamed. This inflammation is typically due to inadequate drainage of mucus and fluids due to colds, infections, allergies and even physical deformities of the nose like a deviated septum. The primary symptoms of a sinus infection include some coughing when drainage occurs in the back of the throat as well as discolored nasal discharge, tenderness in the eye and facial area, aching teeth, fatigue, eye swelling, headaches and more.

Similar Treatment works for Bronchitis or Sinus Infection

When a bacterial infection is the cause of bronchitis or sinus infection, both conditions require a course of antibiotics as treatment. In addition, some of the home remedies used to ease the pain and discomfort of bronchitis or sinus infection will be the same too.

With both conditions, the inhalation of steam from a hot shower or a vaporizer alleviates some symptoms, only in different ways. The steam loosens the mucus lining the bronchial tubes to ease breathing and coughing in bronchitis whereas with sinus infections, the steam helps loosen nasal congestion so that you can blow your nose and expel the mucus in that manner.

For bronchitis or sinus infection, you could also eat spicy foods to help loosen and thin mucus thereby giving your body an easier way of expelling it. With bronchitis, the mucus is loosened in the chest area while mucus in the head area is loosened in sinus infections. And paying more attention to cleanliness by washing your hands and avoiding other sick people can go a long way in preventing both illnesses.

As you can see, there is little confusion in determining bronchitis or sinus infection. While each condition afflicts different parts of the body, similar treatments can help clear up both conditions.

6 Responses to Bronchitis vs Sinus Infection

  1. I have Sinusitis right now, and the doctor gave me some pills, so I should be good. (:

  2. Not necessarily! I think it imperative that you learn to use a neti pot or nasal irrigator. Nutritional guidance is probably also advisable. If your “pills” are antihistamines they may dry you out totally. There is no magic pill for this condition. There are a series of steps that can be taken to work with this condition including diet, exercise, rest, nasal rinsing, nutritional supplements like magnesium, sometimes anti-biotics, but that is a dicey one, sometimes surgery which may or many not help people who are chronic. No one ever has an explanation as to how they determine if the infection is bacterial or viral. Anyone know please post!

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  4. How are you? Is it possible to have Bronchitis and both viral and bacterial sinus infection at the same time? Are antibiotics a temporary or permanent solution for bacterial infections?
    What if u can’t avoid what is causing a medical problem?

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for your question. It is rare to have both viral and bacterial Bronchitis/sinus infection at the same time. You must definitely take the expert advice of your doctor based on the lab report. Antibiotics are not a permanent solution to bacterial infections. In fact, with each usage of Antibiotics, its effectiveness reduces on that particular bacteria. That is why globally doctors are worried about bacteria that have developed resistance to popular Antibiotics.

  5. How can you convince Dr,s that you have had sinus all your life , not asthma or bronchitis got double pneumonia last year because they were treating me for the wrong thing fron April to July in hospital for four days went hom coughing badley ck in to hospital again in nine days with double pneumonia an Dr said they were Treating me for the wrong thing. Just got an infrction again. Very allerget to pollens and chemicals, went toDr treating mfr for bronchitis what they gave does not seem to be. Working

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